Sunday, December 8, 2013

Roses love garlic

We weeded a big patch along the side of the shed in late winter and planted some garlic. Because I like old wives' tales, we also planted three rose bushes in the garlic bed. This gardening stereotype was also motivated by the fact that some turds have climbed the fence and graffiti-ed the street side of the shed a couple of times. Now they at least have to negotiate some thorny old English roses first.

Today lamb with rosemary and garlic was in order, but for the small problem that I forgot to get garlic at the supermarket. But wait! There's some in the garden! It's been a bit ravaged by the dry late winter and spring so is the skinniest garlic you ever saw, but here it is. It's ours, it tastes like garlic, and is presented below with three of its companion roses.