Friday, November 8, 2013

Reading with Roo

It can be a depressing world much of the time, and we sometimes forget that Good Stuff happens. Not earth-shattering good stuff, but quiet, working-away-at-the-coal-face stuff that makes a difference to people's lives. Without further ado, I present Reading with Roo.

Roo is a 4 year old retired greyhound whose Mum works at the Otara library. Roo goes to work and local kids come in and read to him. The children get to sit with a dog that's not their cousin's nasty pitbull, and they get to practice their reading. Roo, being a docile greyhound who's only good for about 100 metres a day, just sits and soaks up the attention and pats. The children can then see their photos on their home or school computer.

This is Roo:

And here's Roo's business card:

Awesome, Otara library. May Roo and the children have many happy hours reading together.