Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ironic public health joke of the day

In a neighbourhood already saturated with saturated fat outlets, Otahuhu is now getting a Carls Jnr: you know, the people who do meal deals with enough calories to keep a grown man going all day. Amusingly, the blurb on the Argyle Estates website talks about a retail development 'transforming the heart of Otahuhu'. They're probably right, but not in the way they intend. 

Carls Jnr is particular about where they choose their outlets - apart from low-income suburbs, that is. The sites need to large enough to put up a dine-in as well as a drive through, preferably with access to a main road.

The drive-through aspect is important. Overweight people get embarrassed waddling in public to collect their burgers so prefer to purchase from the privacy of their cars. But whether because someone at Argyle Estates has a sense of humour or because there's a council regulation requiring it, there's also 4 (4!!) bicycle racks outside so as to encourage people to come to Carls Jnr by bike and work off some of those toxic calories they're about to shove into their gobs.  This was snapped through the fence during construction.

 People in low-income communities often moan that their areas are targeted by junk food outlets, and indeed they are. But there is a reason for this, and we are (sadly, it must be said) in little doubt that Carls Jnr will make a killing in its new location. There is a solution at hand, of course, and that is, if you're tired of being targeted by the junk food death merchants, boycott their crappy food. Make you own hamburgers, oven-bake some fresh potatoes and grill your own chicken. Too hard? See you at the dialysis clinic.