Sunday, November 3, 2013

Garden, late spring 2013

Not much Awesomeness has been going on in my life recently because, for the first time in a few years, I've had the time and energy to do some gardening. I'm not one of the world's great gardeners, having far too messy a mind to order plants into the generally accepted levels of tidiness. Fortunately, a bit of watering and some compost covers most lapses. But it's late spring, the roses are rosing and the veges are vege-ing, and so we bring you "still life with flowers". (I bet no one's ever done that before.) The cast includes on of those dippy philodendron things that looks quite flash on our manky porch; a damask rose that was grown from a cutting many years ago; another rose from Bell roses, sacrificed to the  extension to the North-West motorway (a common Auckland tale); and flowers from the renga-renga lillies. I love renga-renga lillies because they're really tough. And the chooks like the young seed pods - they seem to be a sort of cavier for chickens. Sadly, as you will observe, my florist skills are not great. OK, they're non-existent.

In spring/early summer the bonsai collection also needs to be weeded, pruned, repotted etc etc. Like the garden, the bonsais are somewhat inexpertly done but the plants seem to do well enough, and the biggest threat in the last few years has been drought. Exhibit B is a pohutukawa rescued as a seedling from the wall on the Great South Road side of Mt Richmond. It's being trained over a rock and today the plastic container was trimmed down and about half an inch of dirt scraped off the top to expose more of the roots and rock. It also got a brutal haircut.  Pohutukawas are also incredibly tough, and the plant will survive this major surgery. The photo makes it appear the bonsai grower has a clue (if you don't look too hard). We don't but we thought it was worth showing off anyway.