Friday, November 8, 2013

Evidence - just in case

One of our beautiful Sicilian Buttercups was nabbed yesterday by a dog that lives somewhere a block over. It came back this morning looking for another chook and while I was walking it off the property (yay for doggie treats!) its owners turned up. This is the 2nd chook I've lost so I was - um, how you say? - a bit of a jerk. I thought the Angry Young Man driving the wannabe gangsta car was going to thump me. Anyway, the dog has been picked up by animal control before and the owners were going to be in deep doo-doo because the dog entered our property to get the chook (Dear Other Jerk - it's irrelevant that the chickens are not in a coop). But what happens if the dog is confiscated? It goes to one of the region's animal shelters and is most likely put down. It's not dangerous, and it was looked after so that all seems a bit pointless. I just want it kept in its own yard and not killing our chickens. So we didn't make a formal complaint on the understanding that no more chickens would go missing. But if they do, here's the evidence that the dog entered the property. Feathers (this Sicilian girl put up a fight) in the front yard.

This photo is taken in exactly the same spot facing the same way and shows our mad, beautiful boy Winkle flicking his tale at something that's displeasing him up the street.