Monday, November 4, 2013

Doorknocking 1

We have received credible information that the Minister for Pies Transport, Gerry Brownlee, is pushing very hard for the option of the Auckland Plan's proposed East-West link that wipes out substantial parts of Mangere and Otahuhu. One can only suppose that Gerry - a man in a safe Tory seat in Christchurch - isn't that bothered about turfing (mostly) low-income Labour voters out of their homes. So, since the fightback has to start somewhere, another local resident and I went collecting signatures in the 'hood for a petition to stop the bulldozers before they arrive.

Collecting signatures door-to-door (or doing anything door-to-door for that matter) is always revealing, even in a neighbourhood you know reasonably well. Every single resident in the path of Gerry's Great Folly will be disadvantaged as they attempt to find alternative accommodation in a ballistic housing market such as that presently being enjoyed in Auckland. But some will be more disadvantaged than others including: the 95 year old who has been in her modest house for 45 years; her neighbour who told me 'we don't need a motorway, we need jobs' (good luck with that under this National government); the (Type A) diabetic who lives with her brother and their elderly father in their modest but very tidy house with its lovely garden; and the elderly couple who have been in their house for 50 years. The wife has polio, is on oxygen and needs 24-hour care provided by her devoted husband. Where on earth are these people going to go?

And that's just in one street. There are similar tales in every single street sitting underneath the black line on the map. We'll post some of them as we go and maybe some photos. In the meantime, if you think this is unjust and inequitable please download a copy of the petition and send filled petitions to Roger Fowler, Mangere East Community Learning Centre, 372 Massey Road, Mangere 2024 by 15 November 2013