Sunday, October 6, 2013


Sometimes the best way to fix the hole left in your little family by the death of a dog is to get another one. Especially when the surviving dog doesn't seem to quite know what to do with himself. So after a trip to the SPCA in Mangere and a meet and greet to see if the two dogs would get along, we now have Junior (don't know if that will stick but it's something in the meantime). He was advertised as a staffy/mastiff mix but when you get a 6 week old puppy turn up, how does anyone know? We don't care because we think he's gorgeous and Spider thinks he's OK, too. (The photos aren't very good because it's hard to take a good photo of a puppy that never stops moving.)

Here, let me bite your leg.

Mmm, something stinky on the lawn.

Yep, that tongue is about a foot long. Fortunately puppy found the waterbowl eventually.