Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quote of the day

As reported in the Herald, this from Acting Prime Minister Bill English: "it does show how out of touch the pale, male and stale Labour Party is."

This took us a bit by surprise because if you go onto National's website to view their MPs they do strike one as rather more white and male than perhaps the general population. But are they any better or worse than the pale, male Labour party? A quick headcount of the two party's MPs revealed the following.

National Labour
TOTAL MPs 59 34
% Male 74.6 58.8
% Female 25.4 41.2
% European 83.1 73.5
% Maori 8.5 11.8
% Pacific 3.4 8.8
% Asian/Other 5.1 5.9
Neither are doing particularly well in the 'Asian' department (Asians now make up 18-20% of the population), but overall Labour is quite a lot less white and male than National. Someone should remind Mr English about people in glasshouses not throwing stones. 

(PS I may have misidentified an MP or two. Even though it's not a clever thing to do in New Zealand, I have just taken it that someone who looks European is European unless I know otherwise. I don't think it matters enough to influence the overall result.)