Monday, August 19, 2013

Send a tampon to your National MP today

I'm sure this post is redundant because the social media including Twitter are already over this like  rash but...but a story popped up on the Herald's website late this afternoon about women being unable to purchase tampons with their food grants because tampons are a "luxury".

Let's keep this brief, eh? I have been reading and writing about welfare and welfare reform for what is now some years, up to and including those batshit reforms implemented in the US that this National government is so keen to emulate. But of all the dumbass, braindead, don't-give-a-fuck-about-your-clients idiocy I have ever come across this wins hands down. 

The article quotes a number of women who have had similar experiences. Are we to believe they're all lying, as the Minister's "not true" tweet suggests?

I don't care what the Minister of Social Development says as she dodges the blame yet again: this is her department, her watch, her dislike of anyone else getting a slice of the welfare biscuit, and she needs to front up, apologise and promise this will NEVER HAPPEN TO ANOTHER WOMAN EVER AGAIN. In the meantime I'll be sending her a tampon or two with a  basic biology kit to help her understand why tampons are a fact of life not a luxury for most of us.