Friday, August 2, 2013

At the party pill march

Of course Spider demanded to go on the march against using animals to test party pills. Naturally he feels quite strongly that anything that contributes so little to the wellbeing of humanity and dogdom cannot possibly justify using dogs as experimental subjects. And he (and us) is very disappointed that only one person in parliament agreed.

A fellow SPCA dog along for the march.

Here's the security detail keeping a watch for unwarranted spies.

Spider and friends. Any time's good for a cuddle.

 It's not just dogs. It's bunnies, mice, rats, guinea pigs, cats and other warm- and cold-blooded animals. Shameful, really.

This is a black and tan coon hound. Not common in these parts but more common in the US. That's a rescue greyhound he's hanging out with. Yay, rescue dogs.

Spider the circus dog has a sit down to recover from the excitement.
Big ups to the organisers and the several thousand people who turned up at short notice to march on a weekday.