Monday, August 26, 2013

A happy coincidence

We've been a bit busy recently so a few things have passed unremarked (look, it's what happens when you rely on volunteers). But one thing that did catch our attention a wee while ago was an announcement by Maurice WIlliamson that compensation for homeowners whose properties are required for public works (which means roads - so-called projects of national significance - under this government) will increase from the value of the property plus $2,000 to the value of the property plus a maximum of $50,000.

This is great news for the people in Maurice WIllliamson's electorate who, by remarkable coincidence, are in line to have their properties purchased to make way for the busway from Panmure to Pakuranga (details on the Auckland transport blog and here). It must be especially welcome since Gerry Brownlee announced he wants to bring forward parts of AMETI East-West. The increased compensation means former residents will be more likely to be able to repurchase in the area. What a shame this largesse won't apply to renters or the state house tenants who stand to get their houses bowled under the various other loopy proposals for the East-West link. Indeed, houseowners in Pakuranga will not only reap the benefit of increased compensation payments but will get vastly improved public transport services in exchange (the green blobs in the map are public transport interchanges). No such luck for the residents of Mangere and Otahuhu who just get a bunch of smelly noisy trucks carving through their neighbourhoods, or what's left of them. See any big green blobs in Mangere? No, of course not. Just traffic interchanges in the middle of dormitory suburbs.

Still, this National government is about looking after its voters, and it's good to see the needs of the well-heeled citizens of Pakuranga being attended to  by their local MP.