Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why Peter Dunne will come back as a worm

We have long been of the view that Peter Dunne, member for Ohariu-Belmont and now an independent MP, will come back as a worm, giving him many thousands of years to contemplate his sins as a self-serving and out-of-touch member of parliament. We thought that the unravelling of United Future in this lifetime might be sufficient karma for the man with the exploding hair, but tonight came confirmation that he really is a knobhead and should be packing his worm beanie.

Mr Dunne has confirmed that he will not be supporting Hone Harawira's Feed the Kids Bill tomorrow, meaning it is unlikely to get to select committee. His reasons (according the the Herald) are:
"While I have no doubt the Bill is well-intentioned, and essentially laudable, I think it is fundamentally flawed for a number of reasons,'' Mr Dunne said.
"Of course, there is a significant number of children who go to school to hungry, because they have not been properly fed at home, and of course poor nutrition has an adverse effect on learning and the subsequent development of the child. But that is not the issue - rather, the question is what is the best way of addressing this problem."
Sorry to be a bore, but children going to school hungry and the adverse effects of poor nutrition on learning and development ARE the issues. Mr Harawira's Bill offers a universalised and non-discriminatory way to address them. One thing we do know from overseas is that targeted, piecemeal programmes do not offer the advantages of universal programmes, and often fail to reach the children with the greatest need. Why do you think you know better, Mr Dunne?

Rather than supporting the comprehensive approach in the Feed the Kids Bill which guarantees equality of access, Mr Dunne is supporting KidsCan with its dubious record of sugary food and singling out '50c a day' children for charity.  

Mr Dunne, we hope you enjoy life as a slimey, blind thing constantly fretting about blackbirds. Maybe by the time you get back into parliament you will have learned some compassion.