Saturday, July 6, 2013

Auckland Action Against Poverty: Demo for the beggars

Here's a selection of snaps from the demonstration organised by Auckland Action Against Poverty outside Smith and Caughey today. Smith and Caughey are one of three outfits that made submissions to the Council asking for begging to be banned. Great to see a fightback against this blatant class warfare.

Big ups to AAAP for organising this and getting people out on a gloomy winter's afternoon.

One of Spider's cousins performs for the crowd.

A toff tries to auction his oick.

Mayoral candidate John Minto (you know which side he's on) and the Mana team.

A liveable city for all? Now there's a novel thought!

Sometimes an actual beggar shows up, which can be, um, awkward...

Round up the usual suspects...