Wednesday, April 24, 2013

All we have to say on Colin Craig

Link to notice of defamation action from Chapman Tripp representing Conservative Party leader Colin Craig appears on Scoop Tuesday 23 April. Notice demands apology from satirical website for, among other things, making Mr Craig 'look ridiculous'. 

Interview on Radio New Zealand the morning of 24th April includes the following from comedy writer Dave Armstrong:
We know that it's not real. We know that even though it's in quote marks intelligent people know that the person isn't really saying that, and I find it amazing that a politician can be so stupid;   
and this from Mr Craig:
It about standards I think in terms of media and there's a quotation which clearly is something I did not say on that particular website. And the problem we've found is that while obviously it's a satirical website, not everybody can [make?] the difference between what's satire and what's true." 
Not everybody? What does that tell us about the Conservative party's membership? (As an aside, I wonder if this episode has Matthew Hooten rethinking his evident enthusiasm for the Conservatives to get 5% of the vote and partner (in a nice way) with National after the next erection election?)

Seriously, a New Zealand politician issuing defamation proceedings against the aforementioned satirical website makes a much sense as Kim Jong Un suing The Onion. In fact it's so much like the Dear Leader suing The Onion it's kinda scary. 

11.32am Wednesday 24th April: Radio New Zealand announces Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has withdrawn a threat of defamation action against The Civilian. But not before this appeared in the twitterverse (re-used without permission but can be found here).