Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Woodturning course

Having failed to come to grips with woodturning by turning up every few weeks and annoying people for help I decided to do the intensive weekend course (run by the South Auckland Woodturners Guild for those of you who are interested in turning your life around...sorry).
Well worth the effort, not least to see that even pros can make mistakes.
The first item to make was a honey dipper. Here's what a nice honey dipper looks like:
Mine didn't look like this.

 Next, another egg cup. Can't have too many, I thought, especially with those chickens laying different sized eggs just to confuse matters. This is much improved on the previous model:

And last, a bowl. It was supposed to be a noodle bowl but a moments inattention with a long sharp turning chisel saw a big chunk of the top gauged out. The subsequent correction meant my bowl more resembled a platter. But it came out alright (thanks to the tutors and their steadier hands). Despite only being a crappy piece of macrocarpa (firewood) it is a nice piece of wood and turned well. All up a good result for the day.