Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another necklace

It does look like I'm on a roll but experience suggests it will come to a screeching halt probably quite soon. In the meantime, here's something to admire.
Some time ago we acquired a carved greenstone pendant from someone's reject bin. It's very dark, almost black, greenstone in the shape of a fish tail. This week we finally decided to do something with it.
First we needed to plait a strand. We used a four-stranded plait again (easy to follow instructions here if you want to try) but this time made from brown linen thread. Finding a bead to match proved slightly difficult and required a trip to the bead shop. It needed to be small, not naff, match the greenstone and have a sufficiently large hole to get two plaited strands through. Finally, we used a coconut button we've put aside for years for the clasp. This button was on a previous necklace and has never been thrown out because I don't think you can buy them any more, and it harks back to a time when we actually made stuff in this country. So it's been recycled here.
Here's the full necklace. Length 54cm. If you ever wonder why necklaces with hand-plaited strand is expensive, it's because plaiting enough strand to make a 50cm necklace is time consuming. Not hard, just time-consuming.

Here's a close-up of the pendant. It's a bit dark to see much but here it is anyway.

Huge thanks to Uncle Ronnie for the thread and the pendant.