Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday necklaces

Sometimes one has to take a break from being serious, walking the dogs and housework, and make stuff. It doesn't much matter what but the creative process is good for the soul. Well. we think so in our household. Today's foray into minor league creativity (I'm not actually creative, I just steal other people's ideas) involved going somewhere warm, in this case the Bead Hold on Pt Chev Rd.
First up: finding something to go with some large, heavy coral beads that we've had for years. So long, it hadn't even occurred to anyone at the time that mining coral reefs for beads was a major contributor to their demise. Whoops. I've had a couple of goes threading them but haven't quite got around the weight. But today, Bingo! A thread of cultured fresh water pearls. OK, they're not exactly these but Schoeffel's pearls don't come in at a modest $24 a string, either. The pearls spiritually align with the coral, too.
Coral, dyed freshwater pearls and glass beads. Copper clasp. Length 55cm


Next a pendant. Originally the thought was for something multi-stranded and black but the financial resources weren't quite up to the job. But there were these cute large glass heart-shaped beads. A simple pendant seemed in order. This is more complex than it looks, with the blue chain having to be cut into short lengths to connect the different beads, and all needing to be threaded onto small jump rings, and then connected to the silver wire going through the beads. But it all went remarkably smoothly.
Glass and crystal beads, aluminium chain and silver threaders and jump rings. Length 75cm plus beads.


None of this is hard (I can do it). So next time you're bored make yourself a necklace, or a brooch, or a pair of earrings. People won't ask you if it's Cartier but it will be unique, and you made it.