Thursday, September 20, 2012

Strange sightings in South Auckland

While out and about, Spider came across these wee comments on the state of politics in the nation. As far as protests go this is about as small as you can get, but the message is very clear. They're tiny photos of pollies stuck on toothpicks or similar and deposited in dog deposits on the grass. It's been done before, notably in Italy, but not, as far as we are aware, in New Zealand. We think there might be more to come on this.
Here hiding (unusually) in the long grass under a hedge, ACT leader John Banks takes a break from being harassed by the parliamentary press.

Snapped outside the local WINZ office, someone says exactly how they feel about National's benefit reforms.

No, this isn't on a golf course on Planet Key. This is outside (gasp!) Housing New Zealand flats, probably occupied by the minimum wage earners who would normally clean the golf club toilets on Planet Key. Except that apparently the alien life form that inhabits this paradise doesn't need such facilities so now they're unemployed.