Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Measure twice, knit once

Having completed Julie's scarf in such a timely manner (guffaw), the second half of the hank was for a its twin. Because I had written down on a piece of paper somewhere that Julie's scarf was 40 stitches wide I duly cast on said 40 stitches. OF COURSE I was too lazy to check with the actual scarf which was. in fact, 50 stitches wide. Eventually I realised the twin was looking a bit skinny but really couldn't be bothered unpicking it and starting again.
To cover this flaw, I used the old dressmakers trick of making your stuff up look like a design feature: run out of jacket fabric? Make the lapels in a contrasting fabric. Cut that shirt too short? That buttoned on lower section is meant to be there. In this case, a buttonhole and large button will hopefully disguise that fact this scarf is rather narrow. Just as well, it transpires: I was left with literally a foot of yarn left when I'd finished.
The scarf also has beads knitted in. They're a bit hard to see, but are in rows at each end. So now that I have knitted two scarves, I'm an expert and am looking forward to knitting one of those complex jackets with bobbles and lots of different colours. Watch this space.