Sunday, August 26, 2012

I could be on I'm such a jerk

We went for a walk down Highbrook this afternoon. The park at Highbrook is on the southern edge of the Tamaki estuary, being the northern border of Highbrook lite-industrial estate. It's about 10 metres above the estuary so the park has densely wooded/weeded cliffs on the edge.

Today I (Spider) went down the cliff even though I'm not allowed, and splashed around in the stinky mangrove mud. Mum thinks I was chasing a rat or maybe a bird. I'm not telling, but I didn't come when I was called. I just splashed around in the mud and along the estuary edge through the thick weeds and dead gorse. Mum and Geno could hear me and occasionally they would see my smiley face bounce up above the long grass.
Eventually I came because I was quite tired plus Mum has water in the car plus I didn't want to go without dinner. Was I sorry? Only that I had to leave.
Here's what I looked like:

It's a shame computers haven't got scratch-n-smell yet because I'd been in the stinky mud and and I smelt TERRIBLE. So I got to stink the car out and cover everything with mud, plus get mud and blood on the outside of the car. Then, just so everyone would think Mum was carrying around a dog who had been in a fight, I sat in the back window so all the other drivers behind us could see me. How cool am I? Mum says I'm a jerk. I don't know what that means but I think it's like 'good boy, Spider'.