Sunday, July 1, 2012

World's stupidest bus shelter

I suppose the residents of South Auckland should be grateful they even get bus shelters - there are kilometers of arterial routes in South Auckland where there are no bus shelters for the punters at all. Cold and wet whilst waiting for the bus? Suck it up, people, or move to a better part of town.
But is there any excuse for the bus shelter opposite Otahuhu College?
This is the road side. You'll notice there is no opening onto the side one would normally expect to enter the bus. In fact the seats are on that kerb side so not only does one not have what the interior designers call flow between the shelter and the bus, if you're sitting on the seat (maybe you're elderly or looking after small children), then you'll get a crick in your neck peering over your left shoulder looking out for the approaching bus.

As seen here: 

...the bus shelter exit is onto the footpath facing away from the kerb. If you want to check out the bus timetable, it's on the grass verge so in winter (and sometimes in summer) checking the timetable will entail standing in the mud.
In case you're wondering, real-time bus displays are extremely rare on South Auckland bus routes, and with spending priorities being what they are, don't expect a whole bunch any time soon.
The Mayor is on record as saying he wants to increase South Aucklander's use of buses. He could do worse than starting to upgrade the really simple stuff.