Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Job hunting

Having finally gotten over a lengthy health hiccup, the time has come for Yours Truly to pound the streets looking for that increasingly rare beast, the full-time job in Auckland (see this post).
As regular readers of this blog (both of them) know, I like to trawl through data and draw graphs and other economics stuff. So an application for a couple of jobs I could pretty much do standing on my head were duly sent off to the Auckland Council. 
A couple of people on our local board were happy about this ("we need someone who understands these [low-income] communities in the Council) as were some peripheral Council staff who currently contact me for advice in my day job role.
But it was not to be. While you might think that an organisation that comes out with stuff like this:
It will require the structure of Auckland’s economy to shift from being import-led to export driven, the emergence of “new economy” sectors complemented by long term sustainable growth in our internationally competitive sectors (marine, tourism, food and beverage, high tech, screen and creative, finance, and tertiary education and training) and significant improvements in our labour and capital productivity through growth in skills and labour market participation, innovation and access to capital... 
 ...could use a hand, others disagreed.
So we were left pondering, if experience and the ability to write readable prose is not the issue, what is? And we were left with the impression that what we are in fact dealing with is risk aversion. Of course, faced with someone with differently-abled hair and a fetish for alternative modes of transport, they may well have a point.  I'm cunning, though. Next time I'll leave the broom outside.