Thursday, May 17, 2012

Woodturning class III

This rather phallic-looking object is actually a handle. It was turned from a piece of grapefruit tree our neighbour chopped down. It was so wet there were a few tense moments when we thought the whole thing might just split. But a bit of skill (not mine) and some luck meant we were able to complete the job.
The handle is for a tool called a braddle which is just a handle with a pointy thing (usually a nail) stuck in the end to make holes in other things. The handle we made is a bit OTT but the good news is we were clever enough to drill the hole in while the wood was in the lathe so it's square with the handle. 
A home-made tool made from local materials. How green is that, eh? We'll post a picture of the finished braddle when the handle has dried out (and hopefully not split) and been polished.