Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Big Necklace

Once upon a time we stayed in a grimy student flat above a shop on East Main Street in a little place called Kutztown, Pennsylvania (don't ask).

 The dark, gloomy shop sold mostly odds and sods. Among the oddments were some large glass beads of (for me) unknown origin. I bought every one available - all seven of them. Being so large and heavy it was never obvious what to do with them, so they've just hung around in a jar ever since. 
Fast forward to late last year when a bag of wooden beads came into our possession. Among them were about 9 large red wooden beads of the right heft and proportions to go nicely with the glass beads languishing on the study shelf. The beads were only stained and were too washed out to make much a statement about anything. A few coats of enamel model paint cured that, then it was onto some cord with some silver necklace ends and a clasp and viola! The Big Necklace. This baby weighs 304 grams so will need someone with some heft of their own to wear it.