Wednesday, February 15, 2012


No, not the ones Family First gets its knickers in a knot about, but people who do real stuff on a professional basis. We visited one such person a while ago and got to discussing plaits for pendants. Like most amateurs I've always used a 3-strand plait. The Professional suggested a 4-strand plait and was equipped with little bobbin things to feed the thread, a weight for the plait and a paddle with a hole in it to feed everything through. Thanks to the marvel that is the internet we quickly found instructions for a 4-strand plait and gave it a go. We used some polyester Goliath thread that's been here forever and some beads from the collection.

OK, the ends don't bear too close an inspection but it's OK for a first attempt from skinny thread using paper clips weighed down with a dictionary. That's the other thing about pros: they have that specialist equipment for a reason.