Friday, February 24, 2012

The Business Roundtable: Evidence of reverse evolution?

Some scientists think that humans are evolving to be less violent and more cooperative. And there seems little doubt if humans hadn't evolved to communicate and cooperate we'd still be inhabiting caves living short, nasty and brutish lives. Spider and I generally applaud this trend for the simple reason we think violence - physical and economic - creates more problems than it solves (well, mostly).
But we also wonder if there is a peculiar genetic strain that is making some small minority of people less cooperative and more selfish. Unlike the Y-chromosome, this reverse evolution gene can appear in both men and women. After having a quick look at the latest smug, evidence-free rant from the Business Roundtable (find it yourself, but have a barf bag at the ready) we realised one would be most likely to find these people signing up to organisations such as the Business Roundtable or lurking around the fringes of the right-wing blogosphere, for example.
The long-term prognosis is not good: