Sunday, February 26, 2012

At the waterfront picket

In solidarity with the port workers who are presently striking as part of a rearguard action to protect their employment conditions, Spider and i went to the picket at Teal Park this afternoon. One of the things we learned is that Ports of Auckland CEO Tony Gibson was once the managing director of Maersk New Zealand (I know, I'm the last one in the world to realise but I never read CEO biographies). Maesrk has been implicated in a great deal of the angst suffered by New Zealand's ports over the last few years, and in 2007 it was reported that Maersk was eying up buying a stake in New Zealand container terminals. About that time the global financial crisis reared its ugly head and shipping companies around the world went into survival mode just to get over the slump in international shipping trade. We'll do a bit more looking at this and get back to you, because it seems likely that whatever is going on at the Ports of Auckland, it's not just about lowering labour costs.
In the meantime, here's Spider the protest dog.
Spider being staunch with Green Party star Denise Roche

And Labourites  Darien Fenton, Jacinda Ardern and Carol Beaumont. Nice to see Labour taking a stand on this.

Of course it's not all about rubbing shoulders with stars. The strike is about these guys and their families' right to a living wage.

 It's not just blokes. Here's the sisters doing it for themselves. And if you want to support the port workers there is an official website showing how you can help here.